Friday, April 18, 2014
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The New Age Of Ascension - Practical Chrome 19

12:24 PM
This week on +Practical Chrome we interview +James Niesewand, CEO and lead Game Designer at +Illyriad Games.  The web is dramatically changing, with new technologies and standards being developed every day.  We will discuss how +Illyriad is paving the future of the web with their new game +Age Of Ascent.


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Show Notes


Interview with +Illyriad Games CEO +James Niesewand
Illyriad - Illyriad is a free-to-play, HTML5 massively-multiplayer real-time strategy game, set in a vast fantasy world of mountain ranges, lakes, forests, oceans, islands, rivers, deserts, jungles, marshes and the northern wastes with countries and factions - each with their own agendas.

Age of Ascent - An incredibly large scale, no install, web based MMO that is currently in weekly prealpha testing, and a release date sometime in 2015.  We could not list the full future feature set here so be sure to visit but here are our favorites:

  • Real-time, epic, direct-piloting battles using our brand new cloud-based distributed MMO architecture that can support thousands of players in the same battle
  • Global – everyone plays in the same universe
  • No download or install:  it runs in your browser without plugins!
  • Free-to-play without pay-to-win
Also be sure to let the W3C know about your desire to use a gamepad in the web here: and send a note on your support to with [gamepad] at the start of the subject header

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  1. This was a great episode! On first glance, I wasn't interested in the game, but now after listening to this podcast, I can't wait to check it out!


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