Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Calling All Gamers - Practical Chrome 17

7:24 PM

Tonight on +Practical Chrome we discuss why Chrome, Chrome OS, and modern browser gaming is getting better and better.  Did you know there are already some killer games out there?  We will also look into the future where browsers will not just be looking at the web but putting you in it!

Also in the news Chrome Remote to Desktop for Android lands in Beta, Asus Chromebooks are coming we had pics and a follow up from last weeks XP to Chromebook goodness.

That and so much more!


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Show Notes


Patch Tuesday? - link , link
 Also Chrome on MAC, Win, Linux, and OS all updated in Stable, +Chromecast got some update love
Google Releases Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android as Invite Only Beta - link
Asus Chromebook Pics? - link
Trade up, on the cheap - link


Games Games and more Games!
What can the Chrome browser or Chromebook really do?  Wrong question.  What can current web technologies do and what is already avail
What it cannot do… Console 3d realism.

James' excellent article reviewing multiple games - link

Games we will look at:
Multiplayer: Bomermine link
Illryiad link
Packaged:  Polygraph - link
Spelunky - link
HelloRun - link , the music

Show the power!
Build With Chrome - link
Age of Ascent - link


+Keith Petersen - for Google security patch post

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