Wednesday, February 5, 2014

With Just a Touch of Magic - Practical Chrome - 10

5:47 PM
On this episode of Practical Chrome we explore touch in Chrome.  Where is touch heading with Chrome?  Will it be the baseline interface, or is it just a small part of a bigger plan?  

Before that we jump into the big news of the week, Asus is all in… the box?  Google Now is now on Beta, and what is GooSamLenMotor?

We explore all of these subjects this week with Special Guest, the GigaOM Chrome Shows' Kevin Tofel!  We are excited to have Kevin, not just because he is a fellow Chrome user and podcaster, but he is also the Mobile Editor for GigaOM.  Kevin knows, and has written, about the field of mobile consumer electronics for over 10 years.


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Show Notes


Google + Samsung = Lenovo + Motorola - link , link
Asus reveals Chromeboxes (plural!) - link , link , link
Google Now is here(in beta) - link


Kevin’s Touch(keyboard article) - link
Touch in Chrome - Where is it going? - link
Lenovo Edu Models revealed!
   11e and 11e Yoga Convertible(touch centric) models - link , link
Pixel, user agent sometimes seen as tablet/touch interface? - link (see comments)
What about voice?
   OK Google - link
   Open apps via voice - link
Grain of Salt here - MS letting Metro go(touch interface) - link


Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics - link


Sleep walking into Censorship (UK Porn Filter) - link , link


+Ian Cummings  & +Chris Robato - for Goog/Sammy/Lenny and Mot article
+William Bottoms  - Grain of salt
+Chris Robato  - Lenovo convertible news
+Chris Fisher and +Matt Hartley on +Jupiter Broadcasting - UK Porn filter (PSA)

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