Thursday, February 20, 2014

The New OS Wars - Practical Chrome 12

8:07 PM
On this episode of Practical Chrome we explore the âNew OS Warsâ. Thatâs right, it is that time of the decade to look at the OS and see where the battle lines are. The Windows juggernaut is starting to teeter, and the question is who will takes its place. We jump right into the fray and discuss this mighty topic.

What is in the news we find out if we have met the end for life! Also is Windows coming to Chrome OS and Android apps coming to Windows?

Also during the show James updates his Chromebook's OS live. He received the update, so he restarts his Chromebook and rejoins the show. How long do you think it took?

That and so much more!


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Show Notes


Microsoft to run Android apps - link
Chrome OS to run Windows apps via VMware - link , link
Chrome JavaScript is 30%+ faster - link
Chrome OS End of Life Policy - link
ASUS making 2 Chromebooks - link
Costco selling Toshiba Chromebooks - link
Toshiba Chromebook has soldered RAM and SSD - link , link


Linux has fought for years for some part of the PC market, but Chrome has done this in only a few short years.  MAC was once the lovable niche favorite, but Chrome is stupid cheap and also niche.  Windows has killed its own user base with the metro touch interface, which is very unfamiliar and not very intuitive.

John tells his tale of whoa while trying to setup a Windows 8 laptop.


James shows us his new sleeve case for his Acer C720


+Derek Ross - For VMware/Google deal
+Carol LaRow , +John R. Sowash, and +Jeremy Littlewood - Toshiba ram and SSD soldered
+Chris Robato - JavaScript engine update

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