Friday, February 28, 2014

Tell Me What You Really Think - Practical Chrome 13

3:37 PM
On this episode of Practical Chrome we interview ZDNet Contributing Author Ken Hess. Ken has spent the entire month of February using an Acer C710 Chromebook. We ask this IT professional with over 20 years of experience administering Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems, what he REALLY thinks of this awesome OS.


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Show Notes


John’s Errors… Windows 8.1 or 8?  Slate or Surface from MS?
Android Powered WebRTC - link
New Sammys? - link
Study Reveals : 11% of Windows XP Users Will Migrate to Linux after the April 8 - link
Microsoft combats Chromebooks by cutting Windows licensing fees by 70 percent - link
Chrome OS getting Bluetooth 4.0 - link

4k Monitor Support - link


Interview with +ZDNet  contributing author +Ken Hess 


WebP Please - link (before 9.75sec, after 9.1 with Gifs and other images loading faster)
Class6ix (Chromecast news aggregator for Android) - link - Hassle-free torrenting in the cloud. - link
Avia Media Player for Android (*Requires IAP) - link


+Peter Beverloo - for webview WebRTC
+Abner N. Li - for Windows Licensing price reduction
+Ubuntu Portal - For 11% of WinXP users moving to Chrome OS… I mean Linux
+François Beaufort  - for Bluetooth 4.0 reveal and 4k monitor support

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  1. Ken, just heard your interview on Twit... My company (civil engineering firm) has been desperate for web based report writing collaboration solution for years now. Docs won't cut it SIMPLY because it doesn't support section breaks. This allows for a table of contents, title pages, and report headers and footers followed by Appendices (without headers and footers). Seems such a small request, but so far away... Any optimistic rumors in this regard? I think this would be revolutionary for many "team" report writers globally. Want this! Please say its coming...

    1. @knockdown9 I will have to forward this to Ken as I don't think he checks here.


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