Monday, January 13, 2014

Supervised CES | PC | s01e06

10:41 AM

This week on Practical Chrome two awesome members of the G+ Chromebooks community will be joining me and we broadcast live Chromebook style on Google Hangouts On Air.
Joining me will be +Craig Tumblison and +James Welbes
The news this week is shaded in white and CES, along with a healthy 2013 hardware roundup.  Then we prevent the little ones from going where they shouldn't while protecting ourselves in the process.

That and so much more on this live episode of Practical Chrome.

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Show Notes


  • CES News
  • CES - Android All-in-one machines and Win8/Android box coming out, and will this challenge Chromebooks?  What is the plan Google? link , link
  • CES - Toshiba releases Chromebook - link
  • HP Chromebook 11 Back on Sale - link
  • Canary Mode availible for Chrome OS - link , link
  • Chromebooks Made Up 20% of US Laptop Sales in 2013 - link , link
  • Best Chromebooks of 2013 - link , link
  • White version of Acer C720P coming - link
  • Dell 11 on Google website - link , link


  • Supervised Users - How to - link
  • OpenDNS - link


  • RPG MO - Fun simple web-based rpg - link
  • 3pm Player - audio player app - link
  • Craig’s Bombermine - link
  • James’ Plants and Zombies - link


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