Thursday, January 30, 2014

Offline Behemoth - Practical Chrome

3:09 PM
We find out why Chrome OS is an ‘Offline Behemoth’, and why the Chrome Store is filling with more of the same.  Do you have this common ‘offline’ vs. ‘online’ argument?  Then stick around.

Then in the news we wax nostalgic with LEGOs, find out there is a bounty, say ‘Ok Google’ Now, and then login.  The login is a surprise even for me!  We are going trolling for apps in our own drawers!

Note: Due to technical issues that are two silent gaps in the video. I did fill those gaps in the MP3 for our podcast listeners. I apologize for this in advance.


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Show Notes


Chrome Apps reach the other masses - link
Build with Chrome(LEGOs) - link
Toshiba - Ready for Pre-Order - link
Google Now  in Chrome OS + OK Google integration - link , link
Media Player - Chrome OS getting update - link
Bounty for Chrome Hacks - link
Samsung dropping all Win - link
Samsung + Google - Sharing patents - link


Offline - not controlled by or directly connected to a computer or external network.
Google - Work Offline , Chrome OS , New Version of Sheets that needs to be enabled
  Once setup “create and edit Google documents, presentations, drawings, and sheets while offline”


Text - link
Textdown - link


+Keith Petersen - for ACLU PSA
+Wil Wheaton  for Colbert Report
+Brian Kass - for Build with Chrome


Colbert Report - Net Neutrality-funny, Tim Wu <- author or The Master Switch and coined term net neutrality, professor at columbia law

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