Saturday, January 18, 2014

Chrome is the New Frontier - Practical Chrome

7:59 PM
Where is Chrome going?  Is it going in a good direction?  Why should I, or do I care?  These questions are being answered everyday by Google and the Chromium teams.  On Practical Chrome we will dive into what is making Chrome the ‘New Frontier’ and why we should all take notice.

We find Windows 8 in the news…  Really we have 3 stories regarding Win 8, and it really does pertain to Chrome.  Also more Docs coolness, Google OS synchronization, and 40% less data.


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Show Notes


Google Docs Activity Log - link
Chrome OS = Android 5 - link
Remote with Chrome anywhere - link
40% less data download - link
Chrome OS in Win8 - link , link
Ouch! Back by Popular Demand - Win7 - link , link


New Frontier
Definition - the new extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area

“Desktop Java is dead, long live web technologies in Chrome.” - John Oliphant
Chrome is the new C runtime - link
Beyond Chromebooks: How Google could make almost everyone a Chrome OS user - link
Google's Trojan horse: how Chrome Apps will finally take on Windows - link
New Breed of Chrome Apps(Official Announcement) - link
Chrome Mobile Apps are Closer Than You Think - link

Headlines about Chrome in Win8: (quotable headlines)


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Writebox - link


+Keith Peterson - for Chrome OS in Win8 article post
+Matteo Bertini - for Chrome is the new C runtime
+Antonio Gomez - for Google Take Action
+William Bottoms - for Seattle Times - Net Neutrality


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