Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Help! | PC | s01e03

10:36 PM
This week on Practical Chrome, I look at what might ail Chrome and how to diagnose and heal it.  I will go over common performance issues and the common tricks to see where the issue is.

Also in the news, I find out that some computer users are getting Scroogled and why Chrome users are laughing at them.  Then I login to take a look at the difference between apps and extensions and improve my vocabulary.  Finally I give a few +1s to some helpful Chrome users.

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Show Notes


  • Online game shop shuts down due to no money in it - Link
  • Scuttlebutt - Next nexus 10 could be a chrome device? - Link
  • Microsoft levels smear campaign - Scroogled - Link , Link , Link
  • Acer C720P - Entry level touch Chromebook coming - Link
  • Beta Channel Update for Chrome OS - Over 110 bug fixes- Link




  • +Brent Sullivan & +William Bottoms - For some exceptional work on getting together copious amounts of benchmark data together... and for being do active and helpful to all users of the +Chromebooks G+ community.
  • +Ian Cummings - For sharing his Core Online shutdown news.
  • +Dinsan Francis - For his excellent post detailing troubleshooting performance issues that a user may encounter with Chrome.


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