Monday, November 25, 2013

Power Behind Chrome OS | PC | s01e02

2:20 AM
 Dive into the belly of Chrome OS!
This week on Practical Chrome, I dive into the belly of the Chrome OS beast.  What makes this small powerhouse tick?  Is it magic or some off the shelf stuff?... I found out the truth and it will shock you and it makes marketers nervous.

Also I dig into this weeks news by saying 'Ok Google', I login and see 'Clearly' and then hand out some +1s.

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Show Notes


  • Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS The Stable channel has been updated to 31.0.1650.6 - Link
  • Say 'Ok Google' to your Chrome Book, Google Now on Chrome OS - Link
  • Chrome App based Development Environment codenamed Spark - Link
  • Does Chrome leave your passwords around in plain text? - Link Link Link
  • Computer Manufacturers Ranked - How did Chrome OS suppliers rank - Link
  • My Brief Review of Acer C720 - Link


  • The secret origins of Google's Chrome OS - Link
  • Linux is king *nix of the data center—but Unix may live on forever - Link
  • Gentoo and Portage - Link


  • Clearly from Evernote - Link
  • Pocket (formely Read It Later)  - Link


  • +François Beaufort - Awesome Google Chrome Evangelist, always brings the good news to the community.
  • +Kevin Tofel & +Chris Albrecht - For hosting another great Chrome podcast, the GigaOM Chrome Show.  If you enjoy this show you will love these guys.
  • +Chromebooks - For being an awesome community that shares knowledge and passion for their beloved Chromebooks.  If you aren't a member yet, you should be.
  • +Chris Fisher & +Matt Hartley - For the inspiration and instruction on podcasting and creation of Practical Chrome.  I have been listening to Chris' Jupiter Broadcasting shows for 3 years and cannot say enough great stuff about the myriad of shows they have.


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