Sunday, November 24, 2013

Is Chromebook for everyone?

9:10 PM
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Question for the lot... What is the target audience at this point, for the Chromebook?  Is it really the full on enterprise user like this guy in the video, or is it more for the casual internet junkie, the non-tech savy, or the 'tech inclined'?

+Pablo Moretto shared this fun review video, pasted below, on the +Chromebooks community and I got to thinking about this far reaching tag line.

To summarize this video, he has both a good and bad experience.  He uses the Chromebook to replace his normal work machine for a full week of work.  He has more than a few issues mostly due to his work's enterprise environment but overall has no complaints.  Most of the issues, lack of Spotify, data link to his running watch, and VPN solutions into his work's enterprise environment, will simply take time for adoption of the manufacturers.

Some environments, for instance education, the Chromebook is simply the best tool to have.  But this is for consumption and basic writing mostly.  If you dig into engineering/CAD, or graphic arts, you will need a different tool.

'Whoa there!' some of you will say, 'I can do all of that and more, if I install (insert a another sideloaded OS here)'.  And I say please do, get the job done and don't look back and understand I have been there.  With that hack though, which is a great hack and does get the job done, you no longer have a Chromebook but low powered laptop with Chrome OS and something else.  I cannot and will not try and walk my wife, dad, mom or grandma through this process.  Instead I will, if they need a tool not avail on Chromebook, advise them to buy a Microsoft or Apple device that the tool works on.

In time most, if not all, of these tools and business processes will move into the more webcentric arena of the Chromebook.  Until this time comes the Chromebook is for everyone but with that caveat.  If you need those tools above you will need to change your Chromebook into something else that is not a Chromebook.

When you buy a Chromebook you are buying Google's vision of the future, which is an entirely new way of daily computing.  This approach is very young and in its early days.  In time everything will work on this new exciting platform, but for now some of the everyone must wait if it doesn't quite fit.

That begs the question then; is the Chromebook for everyone?  I think that the answer is yes.  Even though it won't work well with the enterprise I believe that it wasn't meant for it, yet. And if your application or tool isn't available for it yet, it will be.  It is still for everyone because of this exciting forward momentum.  Computing is changing for the better and the Chromebook is leading the way.


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